Welcome to my new Website!!

I am so EXCITED and HAPPY!!! I can finally launch my new website to you all. The last few months my team and I have been working really hard to realize a new site. So what do you think of my new site, do you like it? Not only are we launching this new site, but this will also be the start of a new chapter with a lot of other new exciting things to announce. Are you curious? So am I but these things are a little bit of a secret for now, so I cannot tell you much about it at this moment. Let me show you around a little bit on my website.

Home Topic

As I already mentioned, I am so proud of my website especially on my new Homepage.
My Spotify playlist, tour list, Facebook feeds, Youtube, you name it! You can find it all on my Homepage. Please add my songs to your Spotify Playlist, so you can listen to it wherever you are 🙂
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If you have any suggestions, to add topics, please let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. Perhaps we can then add it.

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Vocal Coaching Topic

One of my great passions is teaching people to get the best out of their voices. I have been doing this for quite some time using the “Vocal Essence®” method. You can find all information regarding Vocal Center  in this topic. If you are interested in a singing class, just sent me an email! 

Of course, you can follow anything about Vocal Center on Facebook You can sign up here

News & Blog Topic

This page speaks for itself. I will regularly post blogs and news so that you can keep track of everything. On the Homepage at the top, you will always find the last placed Blog

If you want to book me for a performance, please use the contact form. I will contact you as soon as possible

Also if you have any questions at all you can get in touch with us by filling in the contact form.

New on my site is my shop! We will regularly add new articles. For now, there are 2 different mugs.

And finally......

We are very curious, what you think of my new site and the new logo. It would be FANTASTIC if you leave a comment.


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