Lakeside Live with Desray, Lo van Gorp and Jan Kanis

Lakeside Live with Desray, Lo van Gorp and Jan Kanis! Three icons from the professional Dutch music industry.


People will know me mainly from 2 Bros. on the 4th Floor. The 90-year Eurodance hit machine.
After many adventures, recordings, and performances, I am now ready for my album. This album will contain songs that fit like a glove.  According to Desray, an album which I support with all of my heart.

Desray’s album is a mix of Americana, pop and westcoast.

Jan Kanis

Jan Kanis, an old Moonflower member, has several albums to his name. He makes the theaters and clubs unsafe as lead singer/guitarist of many of bands in which he plays.

Jan’s album is characterized as a mix of Americana, blues, roots, soul and west coast.

Lo van Gorp

We know Lo van Gorp from Marco Borsato, the Metropole Orchestra. He also sings with Oleta Adams.
Lo has stood twice with his Royal Dutch Scam in Floralis. According to experts, the very best vocalist that our country has to offer.

That’s why it is about time for Lo to come up with his album.
Lo’s album is a mix of jazz, soul and west coast.

Lakeside Studio

What they have in common is that they all recorded an album at Lakeside Studio Loosdrecht. Produced by Patrick Drabe who has its origins in west coast, pop, and soul.

They created three albums with high-quality productions. All three records have arisen from the love of music. Budgets were not available. However, these great vocalists get much respect from other colleagues. Therefore top musicians have spontaneously signed up to work on these productions.

Thus, these three beautiful projects have been launched with minimal resources. In contrary to the compelling nature of the contemporary music industry, “we stubbornly and resolutely follow our hearts.”

Sunday afternoon 16 September, the highlights of these three gems will be performed live with a band in the Floralis theater. Of course, under the direction of producer Patrick Drabe.
It promises to be an intimate and very high-quality listening concert. A Concert with a smile, a tear, and especially brotherhood.

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