NEW SINGLE!! You Can Be Loved – DESRAY

OUT NOW!! You Can Be Loved - Desray

NEW SINGLE now available!! You Can Be Loved – Desray

NEW SINGLE now available!! You Can Be Loved

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New Single now available!!

It may not be the genre we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from her, but it is definitely a style that fits Dutch singer Desray like the proverbial glove. With her new single, You Can Be Loved, she is laying down new roots of catchy Country Pop with shades of Folk, Soul, and Americana. Desray decided to start looking for a new musical direction in 2016… a style of her own, that would give her new energy

Perfect taste new album

‘You Can Be Loved’ gives us a perfect taste of the album that will hopefully be released this autumn. Not only is the song musically inspiring, the message within is one that is very close to Desray’s heart. ‘You Can Be Loved’ is about the minorities in our society and the people who work to help them, something Desray has boundless admiration for. “For me it is important to sing songs of hope and to bring positive thoughts into the world through my lyrics, written from love.”

New Chapter

It’s only the first page of a new chapter in Desray’s book. Secretly she’s already been dreaming of playing festivals and eventually, theatres. Singing both her own songs and those of others which inspire her. Powerful songs, and also, intimate ones. “I want to be able to see the audience, make a connection with people. Share an honest and universal message. That’s where I draw my strength, and that’s what makes my circle complete.”

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