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Vocal Coaching By Desray

“I would like to share my love for singing with you!” Singing lessons for everyone from amateur to professional!
Did you never sing before? Can we find you regularly on stage? Everyone is welcome!

Together we make sure that you get the best out of your voice. We will work on your wishes regarding sound, appearance, performance, voice technique and text interpretation. “Getting high notes? I will show you how you get there.

Vocal Essence®

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I want to introduce you to Vocal Essence®. A singing technique which includes all the good of all singing methods. (EVT, CVT, Lichtenberg, etc.)

You will have an immediate result: Vocal Essence® is very useful and practically applicable. “What can I do for you” is the central question.

Vocal Lessons in "'t Gooi"

Desray: “I am a vocal coach at Vocal Center, and I teach singing in Hilversum, region “t Gooi”.

Self-development, insight, and progress are my priorities. After graduating Cum Laude at the Conservatory in 1996, I have taught in practice and was trained in different ways. There are many singing methods and techniques. We will always keep moving as a coach because it is interesting to explore new approaches.

When I ended up at Robin van Beek, the founder of Vocal Center, I fell in love by their Vocal Essence methodology, the passion with which Robin coached me and how he runs his business.
With this method I immediately obtained the results that I had been looking for as an experienced singer for so long.. So my passion was encouraged to pass that on to all vocalists who have voice problems or have questions in the field of the voice.

    • Vocal Center is now the most extensive network of voice specialists in the Netherlands. They always find a solution for all your questions about the voice.
    • Vocal Center puts your voice first!
    • Get to know your voice best with the Vocal Essence® singing technique.
    • Vocal Essence® is the method that will help you improve your skills, a methodology developed by the experienced coaches of Vocal Center.
    • Practical and easy to apply.
    • http://www.vocalcenter.nl

Do you want a singing lesson from Desray? Send an e-mail: desiree@vocalcenter.nl